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Tel: 0800 031 48 70
Tel: 0800 031 48 70

SMS Marketing has become even more popular than ever!

As marketing trends come & go there are a couple of undisputable truths: It’s a very good idea to collect your customers’ data and SMS text messages just won’t go away!

Even if, in fact especially if you’re doing really well right now & footfall is as good as it has ever been, collecting data is essential for the long term prosperity of your business; & of course, the busier you are, the more data you can collect to give you an edge when you need it. You need a way to collect data that is as automated as possible, through multiple channels of opportunity. You need a method that will collate different details obtained on separate occasions from the same person without duplications. Effective use of your data will be a tangible asset for your business.

Sending SMS messages as a marketing tool has never been as popular as it is now. Ultimately the results that we get from SMS marketing, as with any other form of marketing, still depend on our target audience’s reaction to the content that we send them; but, research has shown that 3 times as many people will read a text message compared to an email. There are a few reasons to explain this behaviour: People know that SMS messages will be short and to the point so they are more likely to read the whole message which also has the effect of producing a higher click through rate. Texting is perceived as a more personal form of communication. And of course phone companies want their users to read SMS messages & so they are displayed on the screen every time, as soon as they are received – they are practically unavoidable.

The Footfall Driver from Footfall Direct has been used by Clubs, Pubs, Bars & Restaurants in various stages of its continuous development for the past 5 years.

The online tool comes with a raft of user-friendly tools to make it easy to collect data. With an option to integrate Free Customer WiFi data, collection becomes completely automated. Other data capture methods include online forms, tablet entry, spreadsheet upload & SMS Keyword campaigns.

Then, seamlessly on the same platform, the Footfall Driver allows you to communicate effectively with your customers through SMS & Email campaigns.

Create lists from your contacts to target specific groups by age, gender, visit or any other data set. Now you’re ready to send an SMS.

New Driver developments have made SMS messages more versatile and better value for the 4.5p per message cost. Now, with a few clicks, it’s easy to create landing pages containing images, social media links and even video that plays with one click from the original message. You can schedule messages too to send them at the best time for your customers, not just when you have the time to do it.

To find out more about what the Footfall Driver can do for your business call Footfall Direct on 0800 031 48 70 or email: info@footfalldirect.co.uk

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