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Tel: 0800 031 48 70

Mothers’ Day Marketing…

Mothers' Day Print
Mothers Day Print


Mothers day has come early this year here in the UK, it comes on the fourth Sunday of lent, and with Easter in the same month, businesses haven’t had a lot of time to switch their marketing campaigns from Valentines day to Mother’s Day.

Did you know that on average we spend £30 on Mothers Day, compared to just £10 on Father’s day.

At Footfall Direct we’re busy printing out Mothers Day marketing campaigns for our clients in the hospitality sector – as this is one of their busiest days of the year.

Here are a few winning promotional ideas that our clients are running that we at Footfall Direct feel will help make Mother’s Day a profitable one.

  • Get creative with your set menu offering signature food and wine pairings with special desserts that Mum will love
  • Offer Mums a gift, for example a free cake with their coffee or a single rose with their drink
  • Bring in some live music
  • Turn classic cocktails into signature drinks in honour of Mother’s Day

We hope these ideas help spark your creativity as you anticipate Mothers Day.

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