Benefits of Customer WiFi

There's no need to subscribe to another internet service, Footfall WiFi plugs straight in to your current network connection from your internet provider, so you're just getting more from your existing contract with no need for an upgrade or extra expense.
We'll link your WiFi access points to your Footfall Driver which sets up the splash landing page with your branding, gives different easy login options and data level requirements and automatically stores the data that your customers share with you.
Your customer WiFi allows you to collect and securely store your customers data in a way that is fully compliant with the 2018 General Data Protection Regulations. Furthermore one of the legitimate reasons to keep and use data is that the data you collect is from your customers.
You have the option to set up automated messages to customers when they log on to your WiFi, the first time they log on, or every time.
Customers who have signed in to your WiFi before will automatically be connected on their next visit without having to go through the sign up process again.
Similar to welcome messages, departure messages allow you to send an automated message to customers logging on to your customer WiFi at a time after their departure defined by you. Ideal for bounce back offers.
You'll get a full set of statistics on how many people have logged in to your customer WiFi including how many devices have been seen daily, real time logged in information, age and gender breakdown. WiFi access point status reports including speed testing of your network and up time.