Benefits of the Footfall Driver Database

Build your database from as many sources as you want to. Import from csv spreadsheets, copy and paste into the import box feature, create multiple forms on social media, people logging in to your customer WiFi, through interactive sms keyword campaigns.
Create unlimited data lists to fine tune your marketing activity and target effectively. A customer can be on multiple lists in your contacts but still only appear once in your database.
As you collect data through forms, customer WiFi or via spreadsheet uploads, the Footfall Driver will automatically detect duplicates and update the existing record instead of creating a new record. This means that you will never send more than one email or sms message to a unique contact.
Your customer data is securely stored with layers of backup online and is GDPR compliant. You will never lose a record and it's impossible to accidentally delete a record.
Easily sort your data by fields, e.g. gender, age, location, creation date. Then create new lists from your data to target your marketing more effectively
The drag and drop form creator tool allows you to decide exactly what fields you need and whether they are compulsory, or not. Generate immediate notifications to yourself and/ or your customer when they fill in a form. Create unlimited forms for a variety of uses including competitions, guestlist and web enquiries. Forms are responsive for desktop, tablet and mobile.
The simple front screen search tool allows you to locate individual records and update them when you need to, it shows you what campaigns they have received and what lists they appear on

Customer WiFi

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Secure Online Database

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SMS Marketing Tool

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Email Marketing Tool

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