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Tel: 0800 031 48 70
Tel: 0800 031 48 70

Footfall Direct’s subtle brand changes point to the future:

Footfall Direct

We’re still Footfall Direct. It’s the brand that we’ve built over the past 10 years and it will serve us well in the future. We’re trusted by our existing clients, whether they’re Print, Trade, Direct Mail or Footfall Driver customers and it’s important that we keep our identity.

When one of our existing clients contacts us in the same way that they have for years they are in contact with Footfall Direct. The subtle change to our logo may not be noticed by most, but it gently emphasises that they are dealing with us ‘directly‘.

Footfall Print

Footfall Print

Our new Footfall Print brand reflects what we do, first and foremost, we’re printers. As we started to engage in more B2C relationships it was important for us to be clear about who we are and what we do.

Whilst Footfall Print is distinctive as a brand it’s clearly still a part of the Footfall family. It will reinforce our pedigree as printers to our existing clients and help new customers to find us more easily.

Footfall Trade

We have been trusted trade print partners for nearly ten years but we’ve never distinguished this business as being different from our other B2B customers. With our new Footfall Trade brand we will do this as we evolve to fulfill the ever changing and unique needs of our existing trade customers. We value them enormously.

We also hope to engage with new trade partners of all sizes to build strong working relationships moving forwards.

Footfall Driver

The Footfall Driver is an increasingly important part of the Footfall family and warrants a brand of it’s own to set it apart from our other business.

It is a powerful suite of data management and marketing communication tools
wrapped up in an easy to use web based platform. Automatically collect data from your customers via our new Footfall Wifi service. Then access your data management, data selection, text messaging, email, social marketing and data collection tools -all in one place and using the latest web technology to make creating and managinge-campaigns simple and easy.

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